Saturday, July 10, 2010

Northwest Indiana Times publishes lies as "letters to the editor"

I get the Northwest Indiana Times daily.

It's a good local paper, if a bit heavy on homicides.

The editorial page is Right Wing and aligned with the GOP. That's the right of the publishers.

But I question the choice of letters to the editor. Thursday and Friday NWI Times published letters suspicious of the Obama administration pilfering money from the spill response fund to compensate BP's victims.

WTF? Do Democrats have to send letters to the editor to explain how stupid it is to accuse someone of diverting money that hasn't arrived. And billions in cash went missing in Iraq. (See 60 Minutes (Daniel Schorn).) You think these Right Wing kooks got incensed over real money that was really stolen?

The NWI Times editors help launder Right Wing nonsense as being credible by publishing letters to the editor.

This has the effect of forcing Democrats/liberals/progressives to spend energy rebutting nonsense rather than advocating for good policies.

I suspect this is deliberate. Democrats have control of Congress and POTUS. And Republican allied media can't win the argument for Republican policies, but they can throw sand in the machine of government and public discourse.

Here's the pullout quote in today's paper:
While the government prints more money, inflation continues to lower the standard of living for the middle class.

Do I need to write a letter to explain that inflation is not just low by historical measures, it's non-existent (minus the tiny bit of annual inflation built into the system)?

Here's some quotes from the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.
Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error.

If the letter is factually inaccurate it should not be published.

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  1. By now the Republicans have so muddied the waters that no one can tell fact from fiction in economic terms. Its all opinion, and opinion can't be fact-checked.